about us

Making a difference every step of the way

“From the very start, PlanCost has been guided by a holistic philosophy of making positive impact
on the buildings that we help build.

We set our sights on empowering our customers, employees, and our community
to make their projects be the best they can be.”

                                                               Steve Grimes –  Founding Director, Plancost Australia Pty Ltd
Recipient of the AIQS (Vic) President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to the
Promotion of the Profession for his work in Environmentally Sustainable Design.

The value of a Quantity Surveyor

As a quantity surveyor we need to do more than simply report on the outcomes of our arithmetic. Our value is not just measured an ability to accurately calculate building rates or measure building areas; these are merely tools of our trade, like an architect’s drawing board or a carpenter’s hammer.

Our value as quantity surveyors is our ability to positively influence the design of a building, working with your team to create a building that is more economical, minimises its effect on the environment and realises it’s vision and purpose.

As consultants in the construction industry, PlanCost Australia is an integral part of the huge machine that builds the buildings that house our families, provide places of care for our sick, places of learning, worship and play.

Why we do what we do

At PlanCost we have set our sights on empowering our customers, employees, and our community to make their projects be the best they can be.

With every touch point, every time we strive to make a positive difference to our clients’ projects through insightful minds, exacting numbers and generous service to ensure our customers keep coming back.

Our wholistic philosophy is underpinned by our values, which give energy and to our practice and bring enjoyment to our work:

Knowledge & Learning

We seek wholistic understanding through curious minds which we share for the benefit of all


We are honest, open, ethical, and fair; we do our bit for the world around us


We seek to understand; we respect the aspirations of others; we provide generous service

Make an Impact

We want to make a positive difference with every interaction; every cost plan; every phone call; every game of table tennis


We seek to balance of project budget, program, and design integrity. We believe in balanced lives, environment and society

Through the timeless interplay between earth, wind and water, stones are formed. From the dawn of human time, we have used stones to build structures, homes we live in, places of work, spaces of worship. Stones, rocks, earth are the foundation of our lives.
Our logo pays reference to the many and varied materials that come from our earth, and how we use them to engineer our buildings. It represents the balance and harmony we strive to achieve between budget, program, and design integrity.
Stones have been used for centuries as currency in trade. We draw on this reference for PlanCost as financial consultants. There are 3 stones, symbolic of the triangle – a shape of balance and stability, a solid base with its crown reaching to the heavens.
Our stones float above each other, defying their weight and gravity. This reflects our love of design and appreciation of skillful and inspired architecture and engineering which enhances our built environment.

One Project One Plant

For every project we do, we will plant one native tree.

But no matter how careful we are, and no matter how sensitively our buildings are designed, the building process cannot help but make an impact on the environment.

Even PlanCost’s humble office, nestled amongst the gum trees on the edge of the Yarra Valley, uses valuable resources that are easily taken for granted.

Fortunately, our construction industry has learned of ways to reduce our environmental impact.  The majestic trees that have for so long provided us with such a wide range of building materials, and are now carefully harvested in plantations, breathe fresh air into our environment.

So, to keep us aware of our impact on the earth, and to repay the environment that supports us, we will plant one native tree for every project we do.​

Deep Griha Society

Deep Griha Society is an independent charitable organisation working to better the lives of low income, informal communities in Pune, India. Their City of Child program provides vulnerable children a safe and secure environment to have an opportunity to flourish.

PlanCost Australia has provided ongoing support to Deep Griha’s “City of Child” children’s centre in India for 20 years. For the last 12 years the children have helped us celebrate Christmas by making the beautiful cards we send to our clients. In their art and in their endeavour, they share a little piece of their world.

Working at PlanCost

At PlanCost Australia we work smart and give our best to the team, together we are greater than the sum of ourselves. We have fun, grow friendships, and celebrate successes.

We are valued and mentored; our careers are developed, and aspirations nurtured. We work on interesting and inspiring projects, and we make a positive difference.

We have created a beneficial work environment in Melbourne’s green wedge, amongst gum trees and birds, and an office dog or two. Our beautiful timber table tennis table doubles as a boardroom table.

We believe in balanced lives, and ensure we have time for family, friends, education, or play.

If this strikes a chord with your bright, curious mind, get in touch. We can let you know if a recruitment opportunity for another talented quantity surveyor arises.

PlanCost is an Equal Opportunity Employer.